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  Antique & Vintage Lace Edging Antique & Vintage Lace Edging
Need to add that finishing touch to a special project? Whether you are recreating a vintage or retro pillowcase, a special infant's outfit or dress for you, this is the place you want to be. Here you will find lace yardage, for whatever craft or sewing project you are undertaking. Make a Victorian lampshade, or embellish a Crazy Quilt.
  Antique & Vintage Insertion Lace Antique & Vintage Insertion Lace
Insertion lace is a lace where both edges are straight and and parallel. They are meant to be placed between fabrics or other laces. They can be used as a dainty embellishment to a garment, or appliqued onto crazy quilts.
  Antique & Vintage Valenciennes Lace Antique & Vintage Valenciennes Lace
If you ever found a bit of lace from your grandmother's sewing basket, it was probably a Valenciennes lace. It's delicate and airy, yet strong. It was used to edge everything from collars, to handkerchiefs, to undergarments.
  Antique & Vintage Trim Antique & Vintage Trim
A variety of trims that are woven, embroidered, and embellished. Great for home decorating and fashion garments.
  Antique & Vintage Appliques Antique & Vintage Appliques
Some fantastic beaded elements can be found here. There are perfect for Crazy Quilts, garments, millinery. Some can be used as they are, some you can use for pieces. All of them are a lot of fun! April Special! 10% off Beaded Trims and Applques! Discount taken at Checkout.
  Antique & Vintage Silk Ribbon Antique & Vintage Silk Ribbon
Is there anything more innocent than a silk ribbon holding back a little girl's hair? These ribbons can also be used in crafts and quilts and garments.
  Antique & Vintage Filet Crocheted Pieces Antique & Vintage Filet Crocheted Pieces
Filet Crochet was one of the most popular forms of lace, being made as late as 1920. Here you will find pieces that are perfect to frame, make into pillows, or use as doilies or antimacassar pieces.

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