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  Antique & Vintage Doilies Antique & Vintage Doilies
Doilies are not only pretty accents, they are highly useful. They keep your furniture safe from scratches. They will highlight a beautiful centerpiece or lamp. They are perfect for small figurines in a curio or china closet. Doilies are collectible needlework pieces, easily frameable and nostalgic. They come in a variety of sizes. I carry doilies made of lace, linen, cotton, silk, and more.
  Vintage Tablecloths Vintage Tablecloths
These lovely vintage tablecloths are beautiful and useful. Here you will find tablecloths in cotton and linen, that are embroidered, or trimmed in lace, and some Damask. If I have matching napkins, I include them with tablecloth and list it as included.
  Vintage Printed Tablecloths Vintage Printed Tablecloths
A nice selection of Printed Tablecloths, mostly from the mid 20th Century. They are either linen or cotton. They are perfect for a casual or Shabby Chic decor and useful, too.
  Antique & Vintage Napkins Antique & Vintage Napkins
A large assortment of vintage napkins in linen and cotton. Various sizes: cocktail, luncheon, and dinner napkins. Some are embroidered, some damask, monogrammed, and more. And they aren't just for wiping your mouth anymore! I have seen duvet covers from damask napkins, curtain valances from pretty embroidered napkins, and sachets and other small crafts.
  Misc Antique & Vintage Table Linens Misc Antique & Vintage Table Linens
Here you will find other sorts of textiles you might use on your table: placemats, table runners, Hot Roll linens and such. Perfect for setting a casual table, or decoratively when your table isn't in use.
  Misc Vintage  Kitchen Textiles Misc Vintage Kitchen Textiles
Here you will find various other textiles that might be found in the kitchen: potholders, trivets, and some lovely tea cozies.

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