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December 2007

Material Pleasures December Newsletter                             

Material Pleasures is excited to announce Free Shipping on all domestic orders under 1 pound.  No Minimum Order! 

That means all handkerchiefs will ship for free!  
All lace will ship for free!
All doilies will ship for free!
All buttons will ship for free!
All patterns will ship for free!

And much more! 

Material Pleasures will offer this Free Shipping offer through the rest of the year.  If we get a positive response, we may make this a permanent policy.

You still have the option of paying actual charges for Priority Shipping.

December  Special

Table Linens Special:  Take 10% off all Vintage and Antique Table Linens!

Orders over $100 are shipped for free in the US, International Orders will receive a discount.  Consignment Items Excluded and clearly marked Consignment.
US Coupon code LINENSALE.

Special Good from December 1st to December 31st, use as often as you like!


Holiday Shopping?  For US Orders, get your gift in time if you order by:
December 14th for Standard Shipping
December 17th for Priority Shipping
December 21st for Express Mail
Be sure to check out what’s been recently added on the website.  I have added a few quilts including an 1840s Wholecloth Chintz Quilt, vintage fabric and feedsacks, and lots of lace.
A Common Question:

Why do we find so many antique and vintage quilt tops unfinished?
Probably for the same reason why many quilters today have many unfinished tops:
-  There’s the unfortunate circumstance of either death or illness, and the quilter just physically was unable to finish the quilt
-  It’s possible that after working on the top for so long, it didn’t appeal to them anymore.  Have you ever tried to work on a project that you couldn’t stand?
-  It’s also possible that the pattern or colors went out of style by the time it was ready to be quilted.   Quilting had fads, too, like the Victorian Era crazy quilt fad.  Ever ask yourself what you were thinking with that color combo? 
- I know, as a quilter, there are times in my life that I would rather piece, than quilt. 
- And also as a quilter, I know often I get excited about a new project, and start it before completing my previous project, leaving it unfinished.  These projects are called UFOs in the quilt world, and I have about a dozen of my own wandering around my quilt studio.

Of course, we will never know the real reason why a particular quilt was never finished.  But it’s fun to think about, and compare, and realize that today’s quilters are not so different than quilters from 100 years ago.  And think of all the quilters in the future who will be guessing about us!


Feature Article:  “The Nostalgic Factor”
One of the reasons why we love antiques is because it is where they take us.  They take us back to happy memories.  Places we no longer can go, or of people that are no longer with us.

I recently  had that feeling at a movie I was watching.  On Thanksgiving, after dinner, we all went to the movies to see “Mr. McGorium’s Wonder Emporium”.   The movie is about a magical toy store.  But , it wasn’t the movie that gave me that nostalgic feeling, it was one of the toys.  A sad little Sock Monkey that sat on the shelf.  He just sat there, looking sad, and reached out to people. 
I had a Sock Monkey when I was a little girl.  My grandmother, who I stayed with often, had several stuffed animals and toys at her home for me for when I came to play or stay over.  There was a little pot and pan set and a toy stove, a blackboard so we could play school, a cardboard Holly Hobby house, a rubber doll we called Sally the Lifeguard, and lots of stuffed animals, one was a Sock Monkey.   At age 6 I developed an allergy and it was recommended that my stuffed toys were either put in plastic or thrown away…guess what grandma did…she threw them all away…including my little sock monkey.  I was devastated.  I remember crying so hard, and being so angry.  Even at six I could not understand why they got rid of Sally the rubber lifeguard doll…she wasn’t stuffed…she was rubber! 

So guess what I did as soon as I got home from the movies…I went on a Sock Monkey quest.  I didn’t want to just buy one, though.  I wanted to make one.  And not just one for me, but one for each of my daughters.  I found a lovely lady online, her name is Dee Linder, the Sock Monkey Lady, and order 4 kits from her.  They just came in the mail today, and I can’t wait to get started with the girls to make our sock monkeys!  So hopefully, 30 years from now, seeing a little sock monkey in a movie or on a shelf with spark a warm and fuzzy feeling in my girls and they’ll remember the fun time we had making our monkeys.

Have you ever had an antique (textile or otherwise) trigger a memory in you?  Let me know and I will post it on the website and include it in a newsletter!
Dee’s website is http://www.sockmonkeylady.com.  Her kit is very easy to understand.  And she was a pleasure to buy from…very friendly, personable, and professional. 
My best,
Dana Balsamo
Material Pleasures
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