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January 2008

Material Pleasures January Newsletter   


Material Pleasures


Material Pleasures is excited to continue Free Shipping on all domestic orders under 1 pound.  No Minimum Order! 

That means all handkerchiefs will ship for free!  
lace will ship for free!
All doilies will ship for free!
All buttons will ship for free!
All patterns will ship for free!

And much more! 

Material Pleasures will continue to offer free shipping on orders under a pound and orders over $99.99. 

You still have the option of paying actual charges for Priority Shipping.



$2 off Restoration and $2 off Quilt Wash!

Restoration January Price now $12.95
All American Quilt Wash January Price now $16.95
No Coupon Necessary!

Orders over $100 are shipped for free in the US, International Orders will receive a discount.  Consignment Items Excluded and clearly marked Consignment.


Special Good through January 31st, use as often as you like!



February 2-3, 2008 Lawrenceville/Princeton Antique Show at the National Guard Armory in Lawrenceville, NJ.

Be sure to check out what’s been recently added on the website.  I will be adding over 60 sets of vintage buttons over the next week!



A Common Question:


Where can I get my antique quilt cleaned?

If you’ve read my Guide to Antique Quilt Care, and still feel the need to have your quilt cleaned, but don’t have the confidence to do it yourself, I have found a resource! 

The American Institute for Conservation of Historic & Artistic Works has a website http://aic. stanford.edu/ with a section to search for a conservator.   
Go to http://www.aic-faic.org/guide/form.html and check the type of conservator you are looking for.  They have lists of conservators not just for textiles, but for paintings, books, furniture, textiles, and more.  Further down the form, you can narrow your search by region or state. 


You might also try a local museum that has a collection of textiles or quilts and find out who they use.  The larger institutions might have some on staff, or they might have their treasures sent out. 


Good luck!


Feature Article:  “Going Green with Antiques”

You can’t seem to go anywhere anymore without being constantly reminded to “Go Green”.  By now we are used to recycling our bottles, cans, and paper on a regular basis.  Many towns and businesses offer other Recycling Services from motor oil to Christmas Trees. 
What else can we do?  We’ve changed to energy efficient light bulbs and appliances, use reusable grocery bags, removed ourselves from junk mail lists, turn off lights and unplug gadgets when not using them.  If everyone just does a little bit, it adds up, and makes a difference. 
Those of us who use antiques are Going Green and probably didn’t even realize it!  Whether you are using Nana’s seasoned frying pan, or Fiesta mixing bowls, you’re recycling.  Do you use vintage feedsacks or fabrics in your sewing projects?  You’re recycling.  Is your home full of antique furniture?  Then you are saving our trees, by not buying new furniture.  Do you use vintage handkerchiefs or linen towels?  You’re saving on paper products!  How about an extra quilt on the bed, so you can keep the home heat lower?  Use an apron to cover your pretty dress and save on your dry cleaning.

So, if you already use your antique and vintage pieces, good for you!  If not, you may want to think where an antique of vintage piece can fit into your life. 


My best,
Dana Balsamo
Material Pleasures

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