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July/Aug 2008

Material Pleasures, LLC Summer Newsletter

Material Pleasures, LLC

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I have been busy listing new acquisitions.

Over 40 vintage aprons! Vintage towels with novelty embroidery! Table linens including vintage napkins and placemats and doilies! Antique fabrics! Antique quilts!

Coming soon…more table linens: heirloom and printed! more Antique and vintage quilts and tops! Feedsacks! More Vintage fabrics!

Keep watching our What’s ‘New’ page. You can even sort the listings by Newest to Oldest.

A Common Question: "How do I wash an antique quilt with inked signatures?"

These quilts with inked signatures are sometimes called Album Quilts, and most date to the mid 19th century. Autograph books or albums were very popular during this time. The signatures could have been collected for a variety of reasons: wedding gift, going away gift, friendship quilts, or to raise funds. Album quilts were made for decades, the earlier ones, usually were inked in pen in long hand or stamped with their signature. Closer to the late 19th century we find the signatures embroidered, like in Redwork Quilts.

But to answer your question, you probably have a very early quilt in your hands if it has an inked signature. DO NOT wash it. DO NOT dry clean it. Visit the American Quilters Society to find a Certified Quilt Appraiser in your area so you can discern its age if you need assistance, and they may be able to guide you further.


Feature Article: “Signature Quilts”

Last month, I discuss inked signatures on quilts…this month I seem to be haunted by Signature Quilts, in a good way of course. I recently acquired two signature quilts from Bergen County, NJ and am actively researching the names. I was just given an early Signature Quilt for consignment, the fabrics are fantastic, and we have provenance of this little piece of history. And if you get Country Home Magazine, you’ll know that Signature Quilts came in at #2 on their Top 10 Collectibles List.

Antique Signature Quilt Antique Signature Quilt

Quilt collectors will often focus on a specific type of quilt to collect…because unfortunately, we just can’t have them all, now can we? And I imagine, as collectors, our curiosity of where a quilt comes from is the reason why Signature Quilts have grown in popularity. When we look at a quilt without a label, or with certain provenance, we can still accurately date a quilt, we might even be able to assign a general geographical origin a quilt may come from…bur Signature quilts offer us other clues. We can research the names and pin point a town a quilt originates. Possibly even the school or church, ladies group, fundraising occasion, etc. Sometimes this information is written on the quilt.

We can romanticize how the quilt brought people together, or maybe the quilters bickered about the lay out. We can imagine the recipient’s gratefulness, awe, and wonder when the quilt was presented to them. Or how the funds earned through the quilt help put a roof on a church, or support our soldiers in a foreign war. How, if the quilt traveled west, did the owner look at the quilt and fondly remembered her friends. Quilts generally give us a feeling of comfort, warmth, and love, but Signature quilts seem to stir something deeper.

Until the end of the summer, I will offer $100 off each of my Signature Quilts. If you would like to make an offer on the Consigned Signature Quilt, I will gladly present it to the consignor.

Antique Signature

My best,
Dana Balsamo
Material Pleasures, LLC

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