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June 2005

Common Question:

"How were dresser scarves used?" Thank you Linda A. for your question!

Usually in a 3 piece set, the single piece is larger than the other 2 pieces. So that the large piece was placed in the center and the smaller two were on either side.

They were used to protect the bedroom furniture, like a doily, but larger and would often match your bedroom set. And then you could arrange your vanity items or picture frames without worrying about scratching your furniture. Pretty and practical!

You can use them all on one piece, or scatter them around. My Grandmother had a pair of end tables in her bedroom, one on each side of her bed, and I remember them under her lamps (I still have one of those lamps!)

Don't be afraid to wash them, they are usually quite sturdy unless you notice some ends fraying or small wear areas. Visit my website for textile care.

Feature Article:"Summer Vacation"

It is right around the corner, summer is almost here. Most moms will cringe at that last school bell of the year. But I can't wait. No more shuffling two kids with two totally different schedules, five days a week. I will have a break from volunteering in the classroom, reading stories to preschoolers, attending field days, school picnics, class plays, concerts, variety shows, and authors' teas. We work hard not to create little couch potato tots over the summer: Vacations, Math Camps, Gymnastics, and Prep Courses. We've signed up for our pool passes. So there will be lots of fun and relaxation. But the antique textile lover in me never takes a vacation, summer or not. Summer means more Estate Sales and Flea Markets…and now, I am on my own schedule, not the school bus schedule. Summer means those wonderful outdoor auctions, the ones where the girls can speak above a whisper and not bother anyone. Summer means new antique shops to explore…I get to squeeze at least one in for every vacation we take. Summer means I get a lot more sewing done…what else is Mommy to do while her girls are tumbling and flipping across the gym? Or during those long car rides to our weekend destination? I am looking forward to the summer, a full season of fun, relaxation, and hunting for that ultimate quilt find!

I Highly Recommend: "Straight Talk About Quilt Care: Display, Cleaning, and Storage of New and Antique Quilts and Needlework" by Patricia Grace Cummings

If your only involvement with textiles is wearing clothes, you need this book!
The book features 102 pages, 52 high quality color photos, graphics, quilt history, personal anecdotes that you will enjoy, and health-related information that everyone who handles textiles should know. An amazing array of topics are covered, and the book offers detailed information delivered in a user-friendly manner.
Printed, double-sided, on high quality paper, the book has laminated covers and the spiral bindings that quilters have requested. Everything you need to learn about caring for quilts, both old and new, is found in this book.
Material Pleasures is mentioned in the book several times in addition to having a few quilts pictured!

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