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September 2009:  Quilts as a Collectible

April 2009
Cheater Cloth, 10 Year Anniversary

July/August 2008
: More on Signature Quilts

June 2008: Inked Signatures, Quilt Ephemera

April/May 2008: Dyeing Vintage Lace, The Antiques Market and the Economy

February 2008: Vintage Hosiery Bags, Today's Generation Vintage Style

January 2008: Antique Conservation Resource, Green Antiques

December 2007: Unfinished Quilt Tops, Nostalgic Antiques

September 2007: Quilt Appraising Ethics, When Size Matters

July/August 2007: Quilts on Sale, Rust Stains, Quilt Appraisals

January/February 2007: Vintage Quilt Kits, Antique Quilt Dating Guides

December 2006: High Efficiency Washing Machines, Granny Style

April 2006: Handmade vs Homemade, Quilt Pattern Names

February 2006: Filet Lace and Filet Crochet, Redwork History Book
January 2006: Mirror Backed Buttons and News!
December 2005: Hand vs Machine Embroidery, Colors in Quilts
November 2005: Selling on eBay, What is Truly Important
October 2005: What do you do with an Old Quilt Top?, Picture Buttons
September 2005: What's It Worth?, Vintage Fabrics Book Review
August 2005: Washing Old Lace, Storing Your Lace
July 2005: Crib Quilts, All American Quilt Wash Success Story
June 2005: How to Use Dresser Scarves, Summer Vacation
May 2005: Identifying Reproductions Fabrics, Using Reproduction Fabrics
April 2005: Were Women That Small? , Dress to Impress w/ Dress Clips
March 2005: Cleaning Lace, At the Auction
February 2005: Antique Silks , Passing It On
January 2005: Differentiating Lace, Underground Railroad Quilt Myth
December 2004: Repairing an Old Quilt, Secrets of the Handkerchief
November 2004: Victorian Paisley Shawls
October 2004: Help With Your Textiles, Black Glass Buttons
September 2004: True Linens, Aprons
August 2004: Determining Fabric Content, Vintage Towels
July 2004: Textile References Part 2, Collecting Quilts
June 2004: Textile References Part 1, A Sentimental Journey

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