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November 2005

A Common Question: "Do you sell on eBay?"

If you tell your family and friends that you sell online, their automatic response is "Oh, you sell on eBay!" Politely, I answer that although I cut my teeth in the antique textile business on eBay, I prefer to sell on a more independent venue.

eBay has its place; it is a great advertising asset for me. So I list on eBay about 3 to 4 times a year, coinciding when they have their free listing or reduced fee listing specials, such as they ran yesterday.

So, yesterday I was quite busy uploading some items that have been sitting around and time to sell. If you check my eBay listings and compare them to the same item in my store, you might notice some of the items reduced…a lot. So, if you had your eye on a quilt or Paisley Shawl for awhile, now is the time. The shawls are almost half off, and some of the quilts that have been in my inventory for a few years, I have drastically reduced, one, as a matter of fact, found a new home today.

If you prefer not to purchase through eBay, and I know many people who don't, you are welcome to place your order through my website for the same item and use coupon code EBAY, and I will honor the discounted eBay price.

Be assured, whether you make your purchase through my site on tias.com, eBay, or in person at a show, you will always receive the highest degree of customer service. My policies are the same regardless of venue, including my return policy.

Some Thoughts: "What is Truly Important"

Usually this space contains my Featured Article, but I am taking the liberty to change it a little this month.

You might be wondering why this edition is so late, 9 whole days into the month!

Our family experienced a loss last week. My very dear mother in law, who at only age 53, passed away after an extremely long illness. Being prepared doesn't make it much easier. My daughters took it extremely hard, but we are all trying to resume a sense of normalcy.

It was amazing how many lives this woman touched, as a Wife, Mother of 3 (although she would always say 4, to include me), an extremely perfect Grandmother, a Sister, an Aunt, a Godmother, a Friend, a Co-Worker. She was practical in every way, and appreciated all the small things life had to offer. She was a common thread that kept many parts of the family together. She will be missed during this upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas, and everyone thereafter.

She did not sew, or collect old things, like I said, she was very practical. She was not into high fashion or jewelry…her favorite pair of hoop earrings were actually dented…it gave my sister in law and me a giggle when we found them. She'd rather cook an Italian dinner and dole out hugs with every coloring book.

So, I thought since the Holidays are fast approaching, and although you get a dozen sappy emails a week reminding you to love the ones you are with and hold dear, I'd ask you to take a minute and not only be thankful for your family and friends, but tell them that. Because, it is only when they are gone, that you realize how truly important they are.

I promise next month we will get back to the business of antique textiles.


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