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September 2007

Material Pleasures September Newsletter                             

Material Pleasures is excited to announce Free Shipping on all domestic orders under 1 pound.  No Minimum Order! 

That means all handkerchiefs will ship for free!  
All lace will ship for free!
All doilies will ship for free!
All buttons will ship for free!
All patterns will ship for free!

And much more! 

Material Pleasures will offer this Free Shipping offer through the rest of the year.  If we get a positive response, we may make this a permanent policy.

You still have the option of paying actual charges for Priority Shipping.

September  Special

Fabric Special:  Take 10% off all Vintage and Antique Fabrics!

Orders over $100 are shipped for free in the US , International Orders will receive a discount.  Consignment Items Excluded and clearly marked Consignment.
US Coupon code FABFABRICS.

Special Good from September 1st to September 30th, use as often as you like!

September 29th-30th Garden State Quilters at the Westfield Armory in Westfield , NJ presents, A Heritage of Quilts.  10-5 Sat, 10-4 Sun.  Admission is $8.  Quilt Show, Raffle Quilt, Door Prizes, Food, and Vendors, Free Parking.  See http://www.gardenstatequilters.com/GSQ-show.html
A Common Question:
"Why can't you buy my quilt from me after you appraise it?"
Whether you are having an estate, a piece of furniture, or a quilt appraised, it is unethical for the appraiser to make an offer, or accept an offer to buy the item.  It is a conflict of interest.  If an appraiser gives you a value for your quilt, and follows it with an offer, how believable is their value?  Maybe they lowered the value for the benefit of their own interest. 
There are options.  Appraisers can refer you to several other venues to sell your quilt.  Or, in knowing that the purpose of the appraisal is to establish Fair Market Value to sell the quilt, and it might be a quilt an appraiser might have an interest in, they can refer you to another appraiser.

Feature Article: "When Size Matters"

Did you ever get to the store, see a great sale on a tablecloth, and can't remember what size you need?  At every show I vend at I always have customers come in questioning themselves concerning what size they need, whether for a bed or for table.

Today's sheets and quilts are sold by size: twin, full, queen, and king, and might even include the fact that it is even appropriate for extra thick mattresses. 
So, what do you do if you want to cover a bed with a vintage quilt?  What size do you really need?

Please note that sizes can vary according to manufacturer, but this will give you an approximate idea of a quilt will cover your bed to your satisfaction:
                                           Mattress Size          Buy Size              
Crib or Toddler Bed       28" by 52"                36" by 52"
Twin Bed                          39" by 75"                66" by 86"
Extra Long Twin              39" by 80"                66" by 91"
Full Bed                            60" by 80"                81" by 88"
Queen Bed                      60" by 80"                88" by 100"
King Bed                          78" by 80"              102" by 100"
California King                72" by 84"              107" by 100"
For Pillow top Mattresses, add 10 inches to the width and 5 inches to the length.

For Tablecloths:

Seats       Table Measures                    Shape                  Tablecloth Size
4               28"x28" to 40"x40"                 Square                  52" by 52"
4               36" to 48" diameter               Round                   60" Round
4-6           28"x46" to 40"x58"                 Rectangular         50" by 70"
4-6           28"x46" to 40"x58"                 Oval                       52" by 70" Oval
6               44" to 56" diameter               Round                   68" to 70"
6               46" to 58" diameter               Round                   70" to 72"
6-8          36"x60" to 48"x72"                  Rectangular         60"x85" to 70x90"    
6-8          36"x58" to 48"x70"                  Oval                       60"x82" to 70x90"    
6-8          64" to 76" diameter                Round                   88" to 90"
8-10        36"x78" to 48"x90"                  Rectangular         60"x120" to 70"x104"   
8-10        36"x78" to 48"x90"                  Oval                       60"x120" to 70"x104"   
12-14      36"x96" to 48"x108"               Rectangular         60"x120" to 70"x120"  
12-14      36"x96" to 48"x108"               Oval                       60"x120" to 70"x120"  
Ultimately, the best idea is to take an index card and note your bed sizes and table sizes in your home and keep it in your purse!
My best,
Dana Balsamo
Material Pleasures
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