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September 2009

Material Pleasures, LLC
Antique & Vintage Textiles

What's New!

ANtique Lace Cuff  Vintage Embroidered Handkerchief  Antique Table Linen Set

We have recently added several antique quilts, tops, antique collars, doilies, over 100 vintage handkerchiefs to the website, lace, linens, towels, and more! If you've been a follower of Material Pleasures, LLC, you may have noticed that over the summer, we kick it into high gear. We do not schedule shows during the summer so we are able to add lots and lots of textiles to the website. In the upcoming weeks we will be adding tons more, including some rare fabrics and embroideries.

Material Pleasures, LLC now offers Gift Certificates for $25, $50, and $100.

To visit newly added inventory, go to the What's New page.

Material Pleasures, LLC has closed its Store on TIAS.  TIAS was a wonderful venue for us when we were starting out, but it was time to move on and dedicate 100% to www.MaterialPleasures.com. 


Sept 17-20 The PA Quilt Extravanza is moving back to the Philadelphia Area! See me in Booth 1011 at the Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, PA. Visit www.quiltfest.com for more information.

You can also email us with your snail mail address to receive postcard reminders by mail of all our shows and events...you'll even get a special coupon code to use online!

Feature: The Future of Quilts as a Collectible

With ten years in the antiques business, I still consider myself young in the industry. But I have noticed changes over the past decade, in antiques in general, and in antique quilts more specifically.

The internet has changed the face of collecting forever. Ten years ago, what we might have thought was rare, can now be found on eBay by the dozens. We've become more educated buyers...and sellers. It's now easier for a collector to find what they are looking for, the hunt is easier.

Easy access is not the only reason why supply seems plentiful...it's timing, too. Between a down economy, and people trying to cash in their family antiques, and Baby Boomers downsizing, there is a huge selection available. Not only is supply high, demand is low...discretionary income is lower, younger generations are not as enthusiastic about antiques, preferring: new, shiny, and disposable.

What does this mean for your present collection, and what you might want to collect in the future? I have always said “collect what you love”. It is almost impossible for the average person to rely on the antiques market for investment purposes. But if you collect what you love, you can't go wrong. I never buy anything I wouldn't mind keeping. It makes the business of selling a little harder, but the consolation that selling one will buy me more is a great incentive.

In today's quilt market, condition is key, but other factors are involved. Even the most perfect Dresden Plate quilts are having their values fall. But the Dresden Plate with the finest hand quilting, perfect hand applique, graphically balanced, ice cream cone border, and excellent condition, are still holding their values. Quilts that are different and rare, whether in design, provenance, or age, are still holding their values, if not commanding higher prices.

Antique quilts are still worth buying. Buy what you love, and buy the best you can afford. Don't be discouraged because the more common Depression Era Quilts seem to coming down in price.

Other textiles that are holding their values: banquet sized linen tablecloths, political textiles, anything different from the norm...I recently sold a doily for $40 at show...why did this piece command such a higher than normal price? Typical crocheted doilies sell for between $2 and $12. It was crocheted with a thin thread and the colors were very contemporary...not your typical grandma doily...bright blue, pink, yellow, green, red, orange, and purple granny squares. And it was in excellent condition.

Antiques are cyclical, just like everything else, there are trends. Who is say that in the next decade or so, Depression Era Quilts won't bounce back! They just might! Or maybe the polyester double knit Biscuit Quilts! Who would have thought primitive improvisational quilts would become collectible...they might not have been, if not for the Gee's Bend Quilt Exhibits.

But truly, anything can happen!

Thanks for reading!
Dana Balsamo
Material Pleasures, LLC

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